Jio Rockers 2021 – Top Illegal Tamil, Kannada, Telugu Movies Download Website. No More Piracy and Stay Away.

Welcome readers to our website and today we will se another amazing useful information in this article which is “Jio Rockers 2021 – Illegal Tamil, Kannada, Telugu Movies Free Download Website. Strictly Forbidden.”

I hope you found this information is useful for you and may be you too will stop using illegal and pirated websites like this by getting this information. As you know Jio Rocker and Tamil Rockers is one of the most popular illegal websites, which is leaks latest and old pirated Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Web series and Tv shows.

Jio Rockers 2021, Top Illegal Tamil, Kannada, Telugu Movies Download Website.
Jio Rockers 2021, Top Illegal Tamil, Kannada, Telugu Movies Download Website.

If you also like to watch movies using pirated and illegal websites, then this article is going to be very useful for you. In today’s article, we are going to give you information about a very popular and illegal website. Perhaps you must have used it or not, if not, then you should avoid using it in the coming time.

Perhaps you must have known about illegal websites like Tamil Rockers, Tamil Yogi, Tamil Movies, Khatri Maza, 9x Movies, which is the top piracy movie downloading website. You must have probably heard the name of Jio Rockers? If not, then please read this post completely for more useful information about this website, maybe you will not get into any trouble in future.

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Jio Rockers illegally Leaks 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi Dubbed Movies Free for It’s Users. Can You Join in Our Campaign to Stop Piracy?

If you also like to watch movies, then this information is specially for you, this website allows it’s user to watch or download Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi movies for free. In this website, the user will get all types of A to Z movie list, so that the user can easily download any pirated movie for free, and illegally.

The owner or admin of this website commits the crime himself, as well as makes its user guilty. You might not know that watching piracy and pirated content is also a serious crime. Why do you want to put yourself in trouble by using this or such illegal pirated websites?

History and Important Things About “Jio Rockers”

Not sure, but this website may have been started around 2012, since that time till today JioRockers is doing illegal work. Maybe at that time this website was not so popular but within a few years everyone came to know about it and today it has become one of the most popular pirated and illegal movie download website.

Today millions of people use this illegal platform daily and maybe you are also one of them. Such a website becomes popular very quickly in India because here most of the people like to watch movies on their mobile, and not everyone has enough money to spend on movies every month. Although it is illegal, but still people break the law here.

But most of them do not even know that using a pirated website or its content is a legal offense. You may be fined or punished for this work. The reason for publishing this article is that you come to know about illegal and pirated websites like this and you should not use it.

JioRockers is not a legitimate business, to be honest, it publishes someone else’s movies on their website without their permission, while the rightful owner should get full benefit of any content created by them. Illegal websites like these steal the content created by someone else and earn money through them.

Jiorockers is not the only website, there are thousands more like them like Tamilrockers, 9Xmovies app, Khatrimaza, Movierules, Khatri Maaza, Movies for You, Khatrimaza Full and many more that you can’t even imagine?

The names you see here are only the top pirated movie download website, apart from this, thousands more will go to you on the internet. This website has been blocked by the government of any country, but for now it is probably still working. Maybe there is no permanent solution for this.

I have a better and permanent solution. What will happen that all users stop using it? Their earnings will be tied up and all those people will stop doing this illegal work. I have thought that I will never use any illegal agency website. Can you decide this with me too?

Jio Rockers effectively gives all its users an instant download connection to the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, South, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu movies, popular web series and lots of illegal content.

How Jio Rockers and Such Illegal, Pirated or Torrent Websites Works?

Millions of people misuse this platform to download movies, while most people do not know that it is illegal. I know that in today’s time everyone loves to watch movies, which gives them entertainment and reduces their stress. But why can’t you use a legal platform for this?

JioRockers has become popular for letting its users download pirated movies easily. You user can easily watch or download any movie. A long list of movies will be seen in this platform, which includes different languages, such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada.

This is the only illegal work of this website, which it does well. In all web sites like Jio Rockers, you will find lots of irritating advertisements. If someone sees it, or clicks on it, then the website owner gets paid. This is their main source of income, what if no one sees the advertisement?

Their earnings will stop. We have started this campaign so that people can know that they are doing wrong things and they can stop it. I am sure that some people will definitely join me, because today the prices of legal movies watching platform have also come down price a lot. Anyone who has a smartphone can easily buy a subscription of Hotstar or Netflix today.

Apart from this, there are also a many free platform, such as Mx Player. In this, you get to see all the movies for free, that too in different languages. This is a very good app, and millions of people are using it right now. You too should be a part of it and leave the wrong path.

Why JioRockers URL and Domain Frequently Changed Within a Some Time?

I am sure, now you must have come to know that this is an illegal pirated movie download website. As you know better, it is a crime to publish someone’s copyrighted material on your website without the permission of the owner. If you do so, you may be fined or punished for it.

Whenever a person files a complaint against them, the strictures are taken by the Cyber ​​Crime Department of the Government of India or the Cyber ​​Crime Department of any other countries. The domains and URLs of such websites are permanently blocked immediately upon investigation of the complaint.

Jio Rockers illegally Leaks Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi Dubbed Movies Free for It's Users
Jio Rockers illegally Leaks Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi Dubbed Movies Free for It’s Users

Then you cannot directly access blocked domains and URLs in any country. But these people still do not leave this work and release their service again in some time on new domain and URL. The reason for this is that they have a complete backup of their website.

This is one reason why the domains of all pirated and illegal movie download websites keep changing in a few days. As long as users keep using illegal websites like these, then piracy is probably not going to stop. Now it is for you to decide, would you not want to keep your future generation away from it?

Recently Illegally Leaked Latest Movies on Jio Rockers, Which Has Reduced The Income Of The Owner. How Would You Feel, If This Happened To You?

When a movie is released, then in 2 to 3 days a website like this leaks it illegally. This reduces the earnings of the filmmaker, which the filmmakers were entitled to. Isn’t this wrong?

Below you will be seeing the names of some popular movies. All these movies were leaked by such website in a short time of release. Because of this, people do not go to the theater to watch movies, and download them in mobile itself.

  • Raatchasan
  • Petta
  • Raatchasan
  • Visaaranai
  • Chekka Chivantha Vaanam
  • Vishwaroopam
  • To Let
  • 96
  • Theeran Adhigaram Ondru
  • Vada Chennai
  • CoCo Kokila
  • Aruvi
  • Vikram Vedha
  • Pariyerum Perumal
  • Aaranya Kaandam
  • Aadukalam

Best 10 Legal Alternatives of Jio Rockers (You Should Use It)

You are seeing the below live streaming website or smartphone application names, they are all genuine and legit platforms. Using this, users can do live streaming of any movie or web series. I am not saying that it is all free, most of them are paid platforms, for which you will have to spend a little money.

NoLegal AlternativesOfficial Link (Not Sponsored)
1Disney Plus Hotstar
2Amazon Prime
4MX Player (Best Free Option)
5Sony LIV
7Jio Cinema
8Artel Stream
9Zee Five
10ALT Balaji

The rate of subscription of all these is very low in India, and probably most of you can easily buy it. And now even with mobile recharge in India, you get free subscription to all these platforms.

As you would know, with some types of recharge of Reliance Jio, you will get Hotstar subscription for free. Similarly, with Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, you definitely get a subscription to any live streaming platform for free. Then why would you want to use this pirated and illegal website.

If you are not getting the subscription of any live streaming platform for free, then you can definitely use Mx Player. This is a completely free live streaming platform that has become quite popular in India, and it has some unique advantages of its own. As you would know that you will get to see some popular web series only available in Mx Player.

“MX Player” Best Free Way to Watch Bolywood, Hollywood, South, Tamil and Telugu Movies In India

You might not know that MX Player is only one step behind YouTube, where an average Indian user has used the app for average 26 hours per month in 2020. what does this mean? This means users spend an average of 7 hours on Netflix, 5 hours on Hotstar and 4 hours on Amazon Prime. Compared to all of them, MX Player spends more than 7 to 8 hours a month on average.

MX Player was available in India since its inception, when it was launched. However, in March 2020, its services were expanded to international markets such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. While, it is still a video player of course, but some other special features have also been added to it.

MX Player is the best legal alternative to Jio Rockers
MX Player is the best legal alternative to Jio Rockers

MX Player is an Indian video streaming platform and video player developed by MX Media & Entertainment. Today it has over 280 million users globally in 2021. The platform currently works on an ad-supported model and has a streaming library of over thousands of videos in 12 Indian languages ​​including English, Hindi and Tamil. It is available on all three platforms iOS, Android and web.

In 2018, Times Internet acquired a majority stake in MX Player for $140 million. In October 2019, just like that, MX Player raised $110.8 million in an investment led by Chinese conglomerate Tencent. Maybe you know, 10 years ago MX Player was launched as a video player on 18th July 2011. Then this video player only included subtitle support and offline video watching facility.

8 years later in 2019, MX Player was relaunched as an OTT platform with a native graphic interface. Today the company is working with and licensed content from various Indian and international studios including Screen Media Films, Goldmine, Hungama, Shemaroo, Paramount Pictures, Sony Entertainment and Sun TV Network. At the same time, the company tied up with Ullu App for adult content.

What is MX Player?

The app or website is a leading video player on smartphones globally, with over 170 million monthly active Indian users and over 275 million monthly active users worldwide. So far globally, the MX Player app has been downloaded on over 500 million devices.

Today the most updated version of this platform works on both iOS smartphones and Windows PCs. Now Mx ​​Player Popular is available on all platforms and OS. The OTT platform launched in 2019 can not only offer videos in Full HD, but 4K Ultra HD quality, but it can also edit subtitles. It supports all the video and subtitle file formats that exist till now.

Apart from MX Original Series, you can also easily find audio streaming, sports content, movies, news, shows and music videos on this platform. It offers over 20 original shows to its customers, and is available in all languages ​​of India and the world. In this, you will get to see a wide collection of movies, TV shows, web series, music videos and short videos.

MX Player's Simple UX Design
MX Player’s Simple UX Design

The app has recorded more than 24 billion downloads on Google Play Store and iOS App Store in India, as of 2021 report. Indian users also spent about $ 500 million on this mobile app. MX Player currently has over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

You might also know that MX Media and Entertainment Company has grown manifold since its inception. Earlier it was just a video player playing various video file formats, but now the major streaming platform offers syndicated content and original shows, web series.

You must know that the membership of MX Player is completely free. No users need to pay anything for its use. So there will be a question in your mind, then how does the company earn? That’s because the company has a better advertising revenue model. As advertisers bid for ad space, it shows multiple ads while viewing content on the platform. This is how this company gets money.

This platform allows its customers to buy “ad free coupons” if any of the users want to get rid of the ads. These VIP passes are valid from 1 day to 3 days.

Key Features of MX Player

  • You can stream videos online with the help of this app, so you don’t need to store movies in your local storage.
  • Users can boost the audio of any video up to 200%.
  • Swipe gestures are present in MX Player while playing videos, which make the user interface very easy.
  • It has probably the best video playback features in the world.
  • Wherever the user is required, then subtitles can be turned on in it.

Major Cons of Jio Rockers

As you know, the law of any country certainly does not condone theft of any kind. Today movie piracy has become a widespread activity all over the internet. Its use can also cause you financial loss under many cyber attacks.

Do you want to follow the law, or should you still use Jio Rockers proudly? Let me now tell you about the disadvantages or cons caused by this. Knowing this, you might stop using Jio Rockers.

  1. This means, by pirating a film you are essentially stealing from hardworking filmmakers. Which can never be considered right, except that you are stealing someone’s property or movie in your mobile. He is fully entitled to earn for his films.
  2. While millions of people are getting away with torrenting or piracy every day, some individuals have faced serious legal repercussions. Don’t you think that maybe you may also have some problem in future.
  3. You must be aware that the latest pirated movies are shot in the theater by the camera. The resolution in it is quite rubbish and the sound is also not good, now your eyes can also be harmed by such films. Sometimes there is such a nonsense sound that you have no idea what is going on in the film.
  4. A website like Jio Rockers can also give you some wrong files to increase earnings. In that you will get advertisement and Harmful file together.
  5. What if you use it, and your device got virus. Then you will have to spend more money getting your computer repaired, which would have been better if you could watch the movie in the theater itself.
  6. The domain and URL of a website like these changes all the time. Now the user will have to find a new and working domain and URL in a short time. You waste your precious time for this work.
  7. Jio Rockers and all its similar websites are completely illegal. This means if you use it then you are also a participant in the crime. You may be fined or punished because of this.
  8. Piracy is a dangerous crime, which is increasing on the Internet today. If we try to stop it today, then our future generation may be saved from becoming a victim of it.
  9. Your data can be stolen by using a website like these, because it is not a safe platform. If any of your private data is stolen, then it can be misused. Because of this, do you know if you get caught in any problem.
  10. The biggest problem is advertising, in a website like these, you will see a lot of advertisements. Using this, your phone or computer will be filled with unnecessary trash and garbage, and your device will running slow.


Is Jio Rockers safe for you?

No, we do not ensure that this site is completely secure. In this site you will find many promotions or advertisements. And the first time you click anywhere, automatic advertisement will open. Due to which you will be diverted to another site and that site may prove to be worse for you. Maybe you could get into some big trouble.

Is Jio Rockers Legal?

No this is not a legal website, it is doing a completely illegal work. Because you cannot upload any of its content anywhere without the permission of the copyright owner. But most of the users do not know that downloading movies from websites like these is an illegal act.

Jio Rockers Offers Tamil and Telugu Movies for Download?

Apart from Tamil movies, this website wrongly offers Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and English movies to its users. But these are all pirated movies, and if you follow my advice then you should not download it.


Movie piracy is considered illegal in India, USA, Canada, UK, Africa, Australia and many other countries. Because of this, the Indian government has banned JioRockers or all similar websites. This means using it will also be considered a legal offense.

According to the Cinematograph Act approved in the Indian Constitution, anyone recording a film in a theater or leaking any film in his website without the written consent of the filmmaker can be punished with imprisonment of up to 2 years and a fine of Rs 5 lakh.

Under the piracy law in India, uploading of copyrighted content in any website or movies without the written consent of the filmmaker and downloading them on mobile or computer will also be considered as a punishable offense.

This article has been written only to raise voice against piracy, and to provide information to the people to stay away from it. If even 100 people will stop watching pirated movies after reading this article, then we will feel that our work has been successful.

We are not responsible for any kind of problem or legal activity while you can still access Jio Rockers website. Piracy is an illegal activity that is happening everyday in the world, and our blog is strictly against piracy. Our main goal is that you leave this work, in which we will definitely help you.

You can definitely use the legal streaming platform, whose list you will get to see above. Although it is not free, but I don’t think any person in India can’t afford such little money like 300 or 500 INR.


I hope you liked the information of the article “Jio Rockers 2021 – Top Illegal Tamil, Kannada, Telugu Movies Download Website. No More Piracy and Stay Away.” I hope that after reading this article, you will also stand against piracy, and you yourself will stop using such website.

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